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Frequently enough, you may experience different problems with your car when on the road – an accident, battery run out, burnt engine, your car run out of fuel, and other related issues. You would certainly want to be out of these situations quickly; the best solution for this would be to call Shield Towing San Antonio and their network of licensed affiliates experts for best wrecker services. Nowadays, there are plenty of wrecker services available out there, but before selecting one of them, you ought to assure several things about the service. Firstly, find out the costs and make sure the towing distance is applicable to the company. It is highly important for people to do some basic study about the various available wrecker services before calling them. You may do this by inquiring your friends and family. It will help you can get an idea about the current market for wrecker services. Your information can also be achieved in car insurance companies.

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These companies are sure to provide you with a few names of the more reliable wrecker services with which they have worked. There is a necessity in safe using of chains getting your car towed. Consistently assure that all chains are sufficiently loose to take some turns, though not over loose which might generate other problems. There is a whole lot of responsibility in towing; the towing truck must not exceed its capacity. Although different companies offer different sorts of wrecker services, among the services offered, a highly recommended option to tow a vehicle is using this type of a flatbed truck. Normally, a flatbed truck has a flatbed trailer, which holds the car on its back. It is a relatively safe way of towing a vehicle, particularly when distances are long.
Another recommended way to tow your vehicle is using hook assistance. A hook is commonly used by wrecker services. It is performed by using a two-hook truck. The hook is placed underneath the car and lifts the front wheels off the ground while keeping the back wheels on the road.
Some wrecker services companies offer towing by motorbike, which is not considerably different from the car towing method.