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One of these days you may find yourself in need of a towing company for the best Light Duty Towing San Antonio has to offer. Whether it’s a jumpstart, flat tire change, emergency lockout services, winching, local towing, or long distance towing, light duty is the kind of towing that most of us will need as car owners. For that very reason, Shield Towing and their network of licensed affiliates experts make every effort to give its customers the reliable and professional service they deserve, including 24/7 service and a fast arrival time. Honest pricing ensures that you will not have hidden fees to worry about along with the state of your vehicle – we’ll take care of everything so that you don’t have to stress over it.

Light Duty Towing in San Antonio

Shield Towing San Antonio, provides light duty towing services expressly suited to your car, your motorcycle, or other vehicles less than 10,000 pounds. The most important thing to our technicians is ensuring that your car is properly taken care of. This means not leaving excess wear and tear on your vehicle from the tow. Thus, conventional towing, wheel lift and flatbed towing can be utilized to keep it safe and sound until it has arrived at wherever it needs to be.

Additional Towing Services Provided by Shield Towing in San Antonio:

In addition to the actual towing, there are other services included in light-duty towing. For example, we help with engine stalls, flat tire change, auto lockout services, winching you out of a ditch, jump start for your car, and more. We don’t want to leave you stranded without the service you need.

Equipment and Training for Dispatchers and Drivers

Not only are the dispatchers for Shield Towing available around the clock and calendar, but they receive extensive training so that they know what they are talking about when you call. That way they can send precisely the right technician with the right equipment to your aid. Each technician is licensed, certified, and well trained in the field with regular testing to guarantee their ability to serve you with the latest and greatest knowledge and skill set. We also maintain high quality and modern equipment for each truck in our fleet.
Shield Towing won’t leave you stranded. We and our network of independently owned and licensed affiliates provide the light duty towing service locals can count on to serve their needs.