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Tips for Driving Long Distances

Driving long distances is something most of us only do on occasion. It may be due to relocating or when making a holiday style road trip, whatever the case there are things to be done in advance which will help make long distance driving less tiring and even somewhat enjoyable. We and our network of independently owned and licensed affiliates have collected some tips to help you better prepare for a long distance drive.

Be prepared

Long-distance driving requires tests and preliminary preparations both the driver and the car in which he drives

  • Plan your route in advance. It is always good to know which highways you will be following, use maps to choose the roads you prefer. This will save you having to make such decisions on the go when you may be tired and less able to concentrate.
  • Look up places where you can stop and rest. When planning your route takes into account that you will need to make stops on the way in order to rest up. You may even want to book motel rooms in advance.
  • Have a thermos and some snacks handy. There’s nothing like a warm cup of coffee to help you stay alert.
  • Take some of your favorite CDs with you (or music by any other means, iPod etc.) and make sure the sound system in your vehicle works (including the radio).
  • Make sure the driver’s seat is comfortable.
  • Make sure you know where to gas up before stretches where gas stations are rare.
  • Make sure all of your vehicles systems are in perfect working order (window wipers, all lights, blinkers, heating, air conditioning etc.)
  • Try not to make long distance drives alone.

Remember, driving long distances may be challenging but if you plan ahead properly you may very well discover that you enjoy the trip.