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Solving Typical Winter Car Problems

Winter is challenging in many respects, the cold and wet conditions also affect our vehicles causing all kinds of possible problems. We and our network of independently owned and licensed affiliates have gathered for you some useful tips on how to avoid such problems from occurring and on how to deal with them if they do strike.

    1. Flat Batteries

Probably the most common type of winter-related car trouble have to do with cars’ batteries.
Batteries tend to die out when cold weather hits, this phenomenon has to do with the chemical reactions in car batteries as well as the higher demand for electric current. If your car’s battery is three years old and up it’s a good idea to have it checked in the fall and to replace it if necessary. Also, in winter do not ignore signs of a faulty battery.

    1. Wipers and Screen Washers

When temperatures drop below zero windshield wipers may become stuck in place due to frozen water, do not attempt to force them to move again just by leaving them turned on, doing this will either cause their electric motor or (more hopefully) a fuse to burn out.

If you try to spray screen washer liquid and find that it just won’t be sprayed it may be because it has frozen (even if only partially rendering a hose in the screen washer system blocked).
Adding a screen washer anti-freeze additive will prevent this type of problem.

    1. Frozen Engine Coolant

If you live in an area where temperatures drop below freezing but fail to use anti-freeze coolant liquid you will probably, at some point or other during winter, find it impossible to start your car’s engine. If the water pump is stuck due to such freezing trying to start the engine will cause stripping of teeth off the timing belt, the damage that will cost you quite dearly to fix.

    1. Frozen Locks, Door Seals, and Ignition Switches

Its hard to keep things dry in winter, water in a lock, switch or on car door seals may make it impossible to access the vehicle or to start it. Squirting some WD40 in locks and ignition switches will help prevent them from becoming stuck.

There are plenty of other car problems you may encounter in winter, frozen drum brakes for instance, or parking brakes not releasing. If any such problems catch you off guard the main thing is to be patient, assess the situation, seek professional advice if necessary, before taking action that may cause damage to your car.