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What Emergency Tools You Should Have in Your Car?

Being on the roads with your vehicle requires you to be prepared for any kind of emergency that can happen. You really don’t want to be caught unprepared, especially during what can be extreme winter weather. Yup, winter brings its own conditions that require you to be responsible for yourself, as you drive your vehicle through snowy and wet roads.

Here are must-have tools to keep in your car, just in case anything happens:

  1. Basic safety means – a reflective triangle and high visibility jacket are absolutely essential safety means. They will make sure oncoming traffic will be able to spot you and your vehicle and avoid a collision.
  2. An extra bottle of water – sometimes, when the weather gets especially bad, it can take some time for help to arrive. During that wait it’s important to have some fresh water around. The food you can do without, but water’s essential.
  3. Flashlight & batteries – there’s nothing more frustrating, and sometimes frightening, than getting stuck in the middle of nowhere without any light. Your car battery will eventually run out, especially if you’re using it for heat. That’s when a decent flashlight comes in very handy.
  4. Blanket – once your car’s battery dies, and it will, it can be very cold in the vehicle. A good blanket will keep you warm until help arrives.
  5. Wheel chains – a snow storm can turn the road and the ground to an ice skate arena, or a congested surface which is filled with heavy dense snow that prevents car wheels from spinning properly. That is why you have to keep steel chains in your car, so you will be able to quickly install them on your wheels and start moving.
  6. Salt bags and shovel – cold winds and wet weather are the cause for ice forming on the roads and on your car windshields. That creates a very dangerous situation in which you can slip and have no clear sight. Spreading salt around and on the icy area will dissolve it and clear your path from ice. The shovel is useful to move chunks of snow from around your vehicle.
  7. Extra can of gas – sometimes, after a snowstorm, many roads get blocked and closed so you can’t pass through them. It can also be a road to your nearest gas station. That is why it is highly important for you to keep a spare can of gas in your car.

Having these tools in your vehicle will come a long way in case of a roadside emergency, so remember to always be prepared.