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The Three Main Types of Tow Trucks

The Differences Between Each Tow Truck

    • Wheel Lift Tow Trucks- These particular trucks use metal yokes, which are hooked beneath the back or front wheels. The car is lifted from ground level during the towing procedure. Wheel lifts run on hydraulic control systems. The system is also commonly referred to as the transmission of the truck. They rely on fluid-based controls instead of the typical electronics and greatly influence the lever turns on the steering wheel. This process makes it much easier for the driver to make sharp turns around steep uphill slopes.
    • Hook & Chain Tow Trucks – The name pretty much says it all! Hook and chain towing vehicles work by attaching a metal chain to the axle of a vehicle. This procedure is highly unsafe because it can rip the axle right off if enough force is applied. There are other negative features that also cause serious damages to the bottom end of the car. The vast majority of reputable service providers do not offer this method due to the unsafe measures. It had been used strictly for accidents in the past, but technology has changed for the better since then.
    • Flatbed Tow Trucks – These are the most commonly used trucks in the business. Flatbeds are preferred because they keep the vehicle above the harsh road surfaces throughout the journey. An inclined ramp is slowly lowered to accommodate the vehicle. Flatbeds can support larger semi-tractor trailers and minivans without issues. This is a major reason for it’s demanding presence. They are also used in emergency accident removal services as well.

Shield Towing San Antonio Can Help

Let us give you a warm and friendly welcome to Shield Towing. We and our network of independently owned and licensed affiliates operate the safest fleet of tow trucks in Texas! We have a full team of certified professionals that are available 24 hours a day to assist. Our flatbeds are made from the best components in the business! We provide emergency roadside help round-the-clock. Don’t settle for the old hook and chain! Let us safely deliver your vehicle to its intended destination. Call us today for a great price rate.